What is Slipstream Music?

Slipstream connects you to nearby friends for a collaborative and unique music experience


Discover your friends' music libraries by song, artist, album, or playlist, and see what's new in-app through SoundCloud


Music and democracy go hand in hand. Anyone can queue up music from any music library, and votes decide what plays next


All music is output through one phone. No more Bluetooth pairing or cable swapping to hear your friends' favorite songs

Watch the Demo

Check out Slipstream Music in action. Connecting to your friend only takes a second and browsing and voting on their music is made easy with an intuitive interface. While the demo only shows two phones connected, Slipstream can connect up to ten devices

The Team

Slipstream was built to share our love for music
Scott Cypher
Scott Cypher
Founder & CTO
Garrett Cypher
Garrett Cypher
Founder & CEO

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Make listening to music with friends a group experience

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