Version 3.4 Update

Added features

    Metadata editor added to song options (enable in Settings)
    Playlists can be imported from compatible sources (in Settings)
    Heads up notification displayed when a new library joins the group
    Collapsible tabs added for easier navigation (when connected, double clicking the Library tab lets you select another users library)
    Added automated crash reporting (this will make bug fixing a lot easier!)


    Help page fits app theme
    Clicking an item in the drawer pushes you to the base layer for that screen (in other words it functions identical to the back arrow in the toolbar)
    When sending feedback, users are now only prompted with e-mail apps
    Favorites undo changed to Android Snackbar rather than ‘intractable toast’
    Moved feedback interaction to drawer rather than intrusive dialog (feedback request appears when you’ve connected to another user)
    Redid opening queue page

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